If you’re having trouble burning your excess thigh fat, you’re in luck – we have a video for you which will show you how to burn thigh fat by working out for just 12 minutes a day! According to The Mayo Clinic, a combination of the following 3 elements is the best way to burn extra calories:

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  1. Lifestyle changes

Mayo Clinic suggests a diet low in dairy products and saturated fats. They suggest making small lifestyle changes every day like taking the stairs instead of the elevator if you want to get rid of extra fat.

  1. Strength training

Even while you’re resting, muscles burn calories. Watch the video below to see some exercises which will tone your leg muscles.

  1. Consistent aerobic exercise


According to the Mayo Clinic, you should work out for at least half an hour every day. Start with 12 minutes a day, and gradually increase the duration of the exercise until you reach 30 minutes.

Here’s how you can lose your thigh fat by working out for 12 minutes a day!