Anorexia is outwardly a physical problem, but its roots are deeply enmeshed into your mind. It arises out of irregular eating habits or not eating at all. People often skip a lunch or two to stay healthy. If you have eaten humongous proportions last night, then skipping the next day’s lunch only seems to be a healthy option. But, skipping a meal or two every day and eating almost nothing when you eat is precisely what contributes to anorexia. Your body weight is supremely low and your BMI index will show you to be severely underweight. While it may seem to be a health hazard, it comes more from a mental inhibition. An inhibition towards food is created from an unfounded fear of gaining weight for whatever you eat. If you were too beauty-conscious during your college days and suddenly, you cannot maintain your figure because of your work schedule, you may start adopting the bad habit.Home Remedies For Anorexia Nervosa

However, anorexia needs immediate attention and there is hardly any better place to start than home. While your physician can suggest certain things, it is best to devise some of your own methods to counter Anorexia. You need to overcome your baseless fears and realize that you are going the wrong way. Rather than not eating at all, there are alternatives that will provide you essential nutrition without any excess fat-

reduced to zero. You will be ill most of the time too. However, garlic can come as an instant lifesaver. Garlic can tickle your appetite and you will eat without fear. You are hungry and you have to eat. So, add some chopped garlic into a cup of water and boil it. Make it tastier with some lemon juice and salt. Now, keep consuming the solution for a few weeks.

Ginger comes to your help- It is similar to garlic, so if you are suffering from severe anorexia, you should combine the two. You can consume it in chopped manner or you can also consume the paste with little bit of black pepper and lemon juice. Remember to consume everything in empty stomach or else they do not work so effectively. The advantage of ginger is that you can consume it in the form of tea too.

Have fresh fruits- Fresh fruits are not just refreshing for you mood, but also appetite. Oranges deserve a special mention here since they are rich with vitamins and help your digestive system function smoothly. Your digestive system needs cleansing before you feel hunHome Remedies For Anorexia Nervosagry. Orange juice can do precisely that. So, drink orange juice periodically. Do not buy orange juice from the departmental stores. Rather, prepare a glass for yourself by squeezing fresh juice. Orange peels are also refreshing during a period of depression. So, go orange today.

Take some massage sessions- Recent studies have shown that of all things, massage can seriously relieve you of stress and in turn, affect the distressing anorexia. Massage sessions are extremely useful in diverting concentration from pointless worries and they help restore your mental health. So, whenever you get a holiday, make sure you subscribe to some massage therapies to restore some calmness in your daily bustle. You can do that yourself every night so that your sleep goes undisturbed. Use some olive oil for better effects.

Yoga therapies also work- Yoga does wonders on various fronts and anorexia is surely one of them. Since it is a problem heavily associated with psychological setbacks, you need to cure your mind before you can think about your body. You will be free of unnecessary worries and it helps you to focus on the important aspects of life. Like massage, it also functions as a methodical manipulation of body parts. Your tissues will be revitalized and your muscles will start growing once again. By practicing Yoga properly, you can make sure your muscles are developing once again. Body and mind are always related to each other and hence, yoHome Remedies For Anorexia Nervosau need to improve one to revitalize another.

Various kinds of juices- Apart from the usual fruit juices such as pineapple juice or orange juice, you can also drink cinnamon juice that is extremely beneficial for your digestive system. Cinnamon in powdered version mixed with water creates a juice that will help your stomach secret the necessary enzymes for a good digestion process. Similar effects are attributed to lime juices too, which are consumed with various other pastes and juices. Carrot on the other hand works as a fantastic detoxifying agent that, when drunk with warm water as carrot juice, can create an atmosphere in stomach conducive to digestion.

Use beautiful smells- To relieve yourself from stressful moments, keeping some good smells at bag always helps. Balms such as lemon or lavender and lavender pastes coupled with powder of sandalwood can perform as instant cures for depressed minds.

Drink white wine- If such a suggestion excites you, then you should definitely follow it. But, just add juniper berries to the wine and keep it for a few weeks. Drinking a glass of such wine can really help you regain the glow your skin once had. The rich zinc content in juniper berries coupled with wine’s effects can surely make your digestive system up and running. Now that you know what wine can do, stop suffering from anorexia.