download (1)During your pregnancy, you may suffer from various aches and pains including back and tailbone, as your little guest grows. The pressure on your buttocks, legs and lower back. We will offer you some light stretching and exercises taken from the book “Preventing and Managing Back Pain During Pregnancy” by Physical therapist Alicia M. Silva. You should consult your doctor before doing any of these exercises or stretching regimen during pregnancy.
Pelvic Tilt: Pelvic tilt strengthens your pelvic muscles and helps to diminish pain by taking the pressure on your tailbone off. The Mayo Clinic suggests to perform these exercises every day. Plant your knees and palms firmly on the floor. Your back should be straight and aligned with your neck. While pulling your abdomen in, arch your back like a cat. Stay in this pose till you count to 10. Then relax slowly. Ten repeats per day.
Back Stretch: Stretching your spine increases your flexibility and releases the pressure on your backbone. Spread apart your knees and put your palms firmly on the floor in front of you, then start on your hands and knees. Support and protect your abdomen with a pillow as suggested in Spine-Health website. Ben your knees and at the same time lower your body backward slowly. Hold your arms straight in front of you and lower your head. Stay in the same position for several seconds and later return to the beginning.
Swimming: The buoyancy decreases the pressure on your back. Silva, explains in her book that swimming builds lean muscles for good health. You can relieve and end tailbone pain during pregnancy without creating stress to your baby.
Walking: Walking is in general good for your health and it can especially be a cure for tailbone pain. Walking helps you support your added weights during pregnancy and also takes the pressure way your tailbone. Walk at the park or around the block every day for half an hour. This will improve your health and body posture without feeling tiredness or harm to your baby.