Even though it’s a bit strict, this diet is very effective in burning surplus fat. After the 13 days, you can continue with your regular diet and you won’t put on weight for additional 2 years. The diet is known as the Copenhagen or Danish Diet.

The Particulars of the Diet

The Copenhagen Diet is so beneficial because it doesn’t leave room for a yo-yo effect which causes the previous weight to return after finishing the eating regime. The diet will significantly speed up your metabolism and keep your weight balanced.

The diet can help you shed between 15 to 40 pounds in only two weeks. However, it shouldn’t be prolonged for more than 2 weeks. This is because the diet is low in calories, i.e. around 600 calories daily. It also lacks dairy, whole grains, and fruits so some people may experience lack of vitamins and minerals, as well as fatigue. Very often, you may feel hungry throughout the 13 days and the body may be more prone to diseases. However, if you adhere to the diet rules, these issues can be avoided.

The Rules of the Diet

Avoid beer, wine, sweets, and chewing gum

If you stop the diet, you cannot continue it for another 6 months

After the 13 days, the diet can be done again, but only after 2 years

During the diet, you can supplement beef, salmon, and lamb with 250 grams of chicken meat

Avoid salt

You can opt for oregano, garlic, and any other seasoning

During the first few days after the diet, you should eat sensibly for a week

You shouldn’t perform intense physical activity

The 13-Day Diet Menu